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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your rates compare to other companies?

We are priced to suit your needs — for local, country, interstate or international removals. We offer a transparent, fixed removal rate, or a flexible hourly rate for smaller moves. You pay only for the hours worked on your move, and we offer obligation-free moving quotes and free in-home moving house assessments.

Our storage rates are up to 45% less than regular self-storage rates, plus we offer added benefits, such as your first month free and free move-in truck hire.

Do you provide fixed quotes?

Yes. Once we’ve established the size and scope of your move, we will give you a fixed rate removal quote in writing. Our fixed quotes mean you know what your costs are upfront and there are no hidden costs.

Do you belong to a removal association or other industry body?

Yes. We are a trusted member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

We have been vetted by AFRA for our quality of service, for our tailor-made moving equipment and vehicles, the high standard of our storage facilities, and the professional dedication and training of our staff to ensure excellent standards of service and safe work practices. CHOICE Australia recommends[link to:]that consumers only use AFRA Member removalists when choosing who to move with for the protection it provides.

How long will it take to move the contents of my home?

Based on our decades of experience, the duration of your move depends on the number of items to be moved and the level of accessibility of your home. Assuming that your move is local (within a 30-minute driving distance), we estimate the following times:

1 bedroom dwelling: 2–3 hours
2 bedroom dwelling3–5 hours
3 bedroom dwelling5–7 hours
4 bedroom dwelling6–10 hours

Can you move after hours and over weekends?

(I think you said Adams & Rofe operates Monday to Friday only?)

Adams & Rofe operates from Monday to Friday as well as weekends and public holidays.

Who will move my furniture? Can I request a specific team?

If you do request a specific team, we will do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that your chosen team would be available for your move. We can, however, assure you that all of our teams are expert removalists, and we will provide a crew and truck that will be a perfect fit for your move.

How do I work out the size of my move?

If you are keen to work out your removal costs, but are unsure of your move size, our handy online calculator will help you tally up your furniture and goods. Based on the size of your inventory, we will recommend the appropriate removals package for you.

What insurances do you carry?

As an AFRA Member we are authorised to provide removals insurance, underwritten by Zurichand CGU. This transit insurance offers protection over your furniture, and is quite affordable. CHOICE Australia recommends you consider insurance if your home and contents does not cover you.

Do I need separate moving insurance?

We do everything possible to move your furniture and possessions safely, but sometimes accidents happen, which is why we recommend removals insurance cover.  The regular industry moving insurance cover is included in our standard moving rates (Transit Insurance, Public Liability and Workers Compensation), but we also offer moving insurance or transit insurance to cover you for incidents beyond our control that occur during actual transit to your new home.

Some insurers may claim to offer removal-related insurance cover, but this is risky as it may not cover accidental damage during a move, or it may cover your goods in transit but not while they are split between your old home and your new one. There may be other limitations on the policy. Our insurance is tailor-made for the Moving and Storage Industry and specific to you, so we can offer a comprehensive policy.

Please note that if you have not taken out an insurance policy with us, then you are not automatically covered.

What happens if it rains on my scheduled moving day?

Don’t worry — we’ve done hundreds of removals in the rain. You move will still go ahead. Our teams will shield your possessions from the rain and we will lay down protective covering over the floor at each location during the move.

How do you make sure my possessions aren’t damaged in the move?

Our 40+ years of experience and thousands of successful relocations have shown us the safest way to move furniture and other possessions. Our insurance claim rate is extremely low as we manage your move in a way that ensures your possessions are protected throughout the process of moving house.

We are experts in the art of moving furniture the proper way, and we can advise you on which of your pieces require disassembly, such as tables, bed-frames, and some types of shelving. If you require furniture disassembly and reassembly, we can take care of this for you as we have the proper tools and will disassemble any furniture that requires it on the day. We are also able to disassemble and securely transport any flat pack furniture that is not designed for travel.

The most secure way — and the easiest way — to pack and move house is to let the professionals move and pack your home for you. We offer a full service, so we can pack up your house before your move, relocate your possessions to your new home, then unpack them and put them away.

Can I move the contents of one room only?

Yes. If you’re planning a smaller move, you may want to consider the flexibility of a removal rate by the hour. You only pay the removal costs for the time on the job and we don’t need to visit your home first to assess your inventory.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is strictly COD (cash on delivery). If you are paying in cash please ensure you have enough money on you on the day to settle your bill. For purchases up to $700 the credit card fee is $10 (Amex purchases incur a fee of $20 for any amount). Any purchase over $700 incurs a 1.5% surcharge.

Please note that we do not accept cheques or late payments under any circumstances.

What does it cost to store furniture?

Storage rates depend on the volume of what you want to store. Adams & Rofe storage rates are up to 45% less than typical self-storage rates. This is because we only charge you for the volume you use, not for the empty space you don’t. We also offer benefits such as free truck hire to move in and the first month of storage free if you store your goods for six months or more.

What is the minimum time I can rent storage for? Do I have to sign a lock-in storage contract to store my furniture?

We offer short- or long-term storage options with no lock-in contracts. This means you can store your goods for as little or as long as you wish

How do I work out how much storage space I need?

We offer a wide range of specialised storage options for all your furniture and other possessions. No matter what you have to store, we have the solution to hold it safe and secure in our facility.

You can get an idea of the type of flexible storage options that we have here [[link to: anchor to Find your storage requirements]] or speak to a storage expert on 1300 111 222.

How do you protect my property when it is in storage?

Our clean, modern storage facility has custom features designed to provide the best possible protection for your goods. For example, our free-stand racking eliminates the risk of damage to soft furnishings and upholstered furniture. We professionally pack and wrap all of your belongings for added protection during storage, keeping your items free from scratches and dust. Other storage solutions risk damage by loading and unloading storage items multiple times. We avoid this by not double handle your items. We pack them directly into your storage container at pickup, where they will remain safely untouched until redelivery.

We conduct regular pest control as well as fire and electrical inspections. As a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association,we maintain a secure and hygienic storage facility to meet our accreditation.

Our security is rigorous and features back-to-base alarms, nightly patrols and staff background checks. All items coming in and out of storage have an inventory and condition inspection completed, and we will never store anything flammable.

Do I need special storage insurance or does my home contents or renters insurance cover it?

If your home and contents insurance does not cover stored goods, as an AFRA Member, we are authorised to provide storage insurance. Ask about insurance when making your enquiry.

What kind of items can be stored?

No matter what you have to store, we have the solution for you. Our fully customised storage facility includes the use of storage modules, steel containers, free-stand racking, pallet storage and covered warehouse areas. We offer a wide range of specially designed storage options for rugs and carpets, commercial items and inventory, oversized objects, even pianos. We store appliances, boats and commercial goods.

Can you collect my furniture for storage, and redeliver it when I need it?

Yes. You can either drop your goods off with us as self-storage, or let our expert removalists[link to: /local-removalists/]carefully bring your items to our facility. We will redeliver your furniture at a time that suits you.

Can I access my goods and furniture anytime?

You can easily access your belongings at our conveniently located storage facility. As part of our security system, we do not allow public access to our secure storage areas. Just give us 24 hours’ notice and we’ll move your storage container to a convenient easy access area. We will safely return it to storage when you are finished.

How big are your storage options?

We offer a wide range of specialised storage options for all your furniture and other possessions. No matter what you have to store, we have the solution to hold it safe and secure in our facility.

One storage module units are perfect for a smaller studio apartment as well as 1- and 2-bedroom home moves, or just when you need to store a bedroom or garage worth of furniture and items.

Our steel 20-foot storage containers are suitable for 2- and 3-bedroom home moves.

We offer secure car storage as well as protective undercover storage for RVs, boats and caravans. Our facility has drive-in areas, and our wide access can accommodate even the largest vehicles.

We also provide commercial storage and warehousing facilities, including pallet warehousing, storage of stock, machinery, raw materials, and oversized items.

Why are you so much cheaper than self-storage?

Adams & Rofe’s customised storage solutions are designed to suit the local residential and commercial market at a price other self-storage facilities cannot match.

Our storage rates are up to 45% cheaper than traditional self-storage options, because you only pay for what you store.Most of a storage unit is usually left unfilled, with the top section completely empty. We only charge for the exact cubic meterage you store, saving you much more on storage costs. We also offer storage without lock in contracts so you have the flexibility to move in and out as you need.

What security does your storage facility have?

Our storage facility is secured by back-to-base alarms, nightly patrols and impenetrable perimeter fences. All our staff undergo thorough background checks. All items coming in and out of storage have an inventory and condition inspection completed and we will never store anything flammable. We conduct regular pest control as well as fire and electrical inspections. As a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association,we maintain a secure and hygienic storage facility to meet our accreditation

Can you store antiques properly?

Yes. We have nearly 50 years’ experience of moving and storing antiques. Our storage systems have been custom designed for antiques and delicate, oversized or other objects needing specialised attention, as well as rugs and carpets.

See more about our specialised storage modules

Do I have to pack everything up myself and unpack it in my new home?

No, not if you don’t want to. As full-service removalists, we offer a full range of thoughtful optional extra removals services to make your move easier. These include professional packing, where our expert pre-packing teams offer pack up your furniture, cupboards and wardrobes. As for unpacking in your new home, our optional valet unpacking service will settle you in by unpacking your possessions and storing them in cupboards, setting up your kitchen, stocking your shelves, preparing the bedrooms and so on.

Do you sell packaging materials if I want to pack everything myself?

Yes. We have a full range of industry-quality packaging materials available for purchase. Only professional removals grade packaging properly protects your personal effects. You can pick up or we can deliver for a small fee.

Can you move my car, boat or caravan?

Yes. We know that relocating your own vehicle can be a logistical problem, especially if you have more than one to move. Our car transport service can move your vehicles safely and efficiently at competitive rates. We can store your vehicle for you too, if you don’t have space for it in your new home.

Can you move my pets?

Yes. Our highly trained pet handlers have the expertise to move your beloved pets safely and comfortably locally, to the country or interstate. We can board your pets for you if you prefer to be fully settled before you introduce them to their new home.

Do you provide house cleaning services?

Yes. We can save you time and effort with our professional house cleaning services. If you are renting, our extremely thorough exit clean will ensure that you get your maximum bond back with no trouble or delay.

Can you move a grand piano?

Yes. After nearly 50 years of experience as piano removalists, we have the proper training, tools and trucks to confidently and professionally relocate your piano. We can move upright, baby and grand pianos.

How do your rates compare to other companies?

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