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How to Handle the Top 10 Furniture Removal Challenges

How to Handle the Top 10 Furniture Removal Challenges

If you have moved to another state before, perhaps you already know that packing for furniture removal is a stressful and laborious process, especially if you have undertaken this task on your own. 

But if it’s your first time to relocate, you don’t have to experience the same frustrations. By working with our furniture removalists in South Sydney, this process can be made simpler and more enjoyable.

To give you an idea of how the furniture removal process can be tiring and time-consuming, here are the top 10 challenges you may encounter, along with examples of ways to handle each.

1. Failing to organise the removal

The first step of the removal process is to create a moving checklist. You need to group the things that will go together. This will help you avoid placing random items in a single box, which may cause a huge problem when you unpack later on. 

The drawers and other accessories of your kitchen cabinets, for instance, must be kept in one box. Once the boxes arrive at your new house, you can easily check if all your items arrived safely.

2. Preparing the furniture

Give all your pieces of furniture a thorough cleaning before the move. For instance, wipe down all your furnishings and defrost the fridge in advance, learn more on how to move a fridge. Also, disassemble items whenever possible. This means taking off anything that is detachable, such as the legs of the table or couch and the drawers of your wardrobe and cabinets. This will make the furniture lighter for easier lifting, as well as smaller for a better fit through your doorway. If you need help with this, be sure to ask us during the quoting process.

3. Getting high-quality packing supplies

The packing materials you use will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your furniture. Thus, only purchase high-quality materials – from packing tapes, to bubble wrap, to moving boxes.

Having ease of access to high-quality packaging supplies and moving boxes is actually one of the perks if you choose to work with us at Adams & Rofe. We can provide you with moving boxes of varying sizes, packing tapes, packing paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap, razor blade knives and furniture covers.

4. Packing odd items

It can be a nuisance to pack breakables and oddly shaped item, but this is important to safeguard all your furniture and other possessions. Make sure to use boxes that fit them perfectly and wrap them well with either tissue paper or bubble wrap.

For furniture with sharp corners or edges, pack them with proper cushioning. This will not just help to prevent item breakage or damage but it will also prevent injuries from happening during the moving process. Most importantly, this will prevent the sharp edges from damaging the walls and surfaces of your home.

5. Handling oversized furniture

In any removal process, there are often some pieces of oversized furniture that will create problems. The best solution is to have a plan in place.

First, you must measure your big furnishings in advance. Take into account the piece’s height, length and width. After that, measure the doorways where these fittings must pass through as well. If someone had previously found a way to get the furniture in, then there is also a way to get it out.

A bigger concern is if it will fit in your new home’s doorway. So whenever possible, you also need to measure your new location ahead of time. Moreover, inform us about this concern before the relocation. Transporting furniture is what whe’re best at, so we are sure to have a workable idea.

Second, consider the different angles. Just because the furniture is bigger than your door, it does not necessarily mean that it won’t fit. The furniture can be moved on their sides, upside down, or perhaps on their ends. You must know that our furniture removalists have strong bodies and creative minds to make moving oversized items a breeze.

Lastly, remove the door. Take out its hinges so you can have an additional inch or two available to easily get the furniture through. 

6. Discovering broken or lost items

During the move, some of your furniture may get broken or lost. But if you let our removalists transport your furnishings, the risk of breakage and loss is significantly lowered. Still, we highly recommend that you get an insurance policy for your furniture because your goods will be exposed to a higher risk of damage or loss during the removal process.

7. Finding storage

As part of the removal process, storing your furniture for the short or long term is usually required. Finding the right storage facility can be difficult and daunting. By working with us, we can keep your furnishings safe and secure in our modern, well-secured storage facility. Expect that your goods will be ready whenever you need them back.

8. Monitoring the presence of kids and pets

Keeping your small children safe throughout the removal process is paramount. It’s best to keep them away from all the activity by letting a family member or relative take care of them at a distance while the removal is ongoing. Remember that if you keep them around with the removalists moving your heavy furnishings, they may feel afraid or even get injured.

The same is true with your pets. Don’t let them freely roam around the house during the removal. You don’t want to run after them while removalists are coming and going all over the house. Also, they might get stepped on, trapped or injured, so keep them in a secure and comfortable place for the time being.

9. Securing parking space

If you are living on a busy street, finding sufficient parking space for the removal truck can be a problem. The best solution is to notify the building’s caretaker or your neighbours about your removal ahead of time. They may even assist you by clearing the way or providing your moving truck with a nearby, spacious parking space.

10. Gaining access to your new home

You don’t want to arrive at your new home realising that you can’t open the door. So make sure that you have the right key to your new home before the moving day. Most importantly, keep it in a safe place, perhaps in your bag with all your valuables, so you can easily get it once you arrive at your new home.

The removal process is truly a daunting one because it involves a lot of challenges, but this can be made simple, fun, hassle-free and more successful if you work with a removalist. So for your upcoming furniture removals, don’t hesitate to book our Macarthur furniture removalists!

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