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Moving with Pets and Kids: Expectations Vs. Reality

Moving with Pets and Kids: Expectations Vs. Reality

Relocating is difficult.

Even if you are filled with excitement because you will be getting a bigger and better house or you are moving to a more beautiful neighbourhood, the process is fundamentally hard for most.

The relocation process will require you to be on your toes because it may lead to a lot of unexpected situations. You just may find that a lot of your expectations are contradicted by the situations you find yourself in during the process; this can be quite frustrating.

So, to make things a little better, we at Adams & Rofe are ready to help.

As industry experts, we are knowledgeable of the common expectations people have when getting ready for a move and what truly happens during it. Here are some useful tips to make the real deal significantly easier.

If you are moving with pets and kids in Sydney, discussed below is a ‘moving reality check’ that you need to be aware of:

Moving Expectations vs. Moving Reality

1. Expectation: Packing is just a matter of knowing what to bring.

You just have to create elaborate lists. Jot down what you want and need, and you are good to go.

Reality: Listing is good, but you will find yourself editing your lists frequently.

While you are in the process of packing, you will experience some uncertainty about many of the items you are bringing, and those you have decided not to include in your list.

Do not get stressed out.

A different kind of realisation always occurs when you are packing your ‘life’ into moving boxes. So, should you give up making your lists? Not at all.

However, just use your lists as a guide and adjust according to what you believe you actually need for the move.

2. Expectation: Having everybody at home for the packing is a blessing.

Having all your family members at home means there are more helping hands. This will allow you to get more moving tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Reality: There are helpful family members, and there are those you need to send off for a bit while you are packing your belongings!

If you have older children, you can assign them easy tasks and expect them to follow your instructions. But much younger children, as well as your four-legged family members are likely to just get in the way.

If you wish to speed through packing and other moving tasks, it may be more helpful to send the little ones off as well as the pets.

For this, you will need your relatives’ or friends’ help. Ask who among them can baby and pet-sit for several hours. Not having to worry about attending to your little ones’ demands for a good part of the day can really take you further along in taking care of moving requirements.

3. Expectation: The DIY route is better.

You have strong able-bodied family members and the children can do their bit as well to help with the move. Your family can help you save a considerable amount of money by not having to rely on the pros so much.

Reality: It is simply more convenient to have professional help for most tasks and the cost of professional services is worth it.

The notion of saving money for the move by taking the DIY approach is great, but this may result in more difficulties for you and your family.  At times, it can even be more costly as you try to make up for the mistakes in the process.

Investing in professional services such as those provided by your local removalists is always money well-spent. You have people who just know what to do in challenging moving situations such as getting bulky and heavy pieces furniture out of your home and loading them onto the truck.

Likewise, you do not have to worry about accidents that typically lead to injuries and broken items. Professional removalists know the best techniques to prevent those. They also have the right tools to use in order to protect your belongings.

So, all in all, the money that you initially think you would save by taking the DIY route simply cannot compare to theconvenience and safety expert removalists can provide.

4. Expectation: The pets would be “happy campers” during transit.

The dogs will enjoy the breeze in their hair as you drive to your new home, and they will rest when they are tired with the sun beaming on their faces.

Reality: Pets, be they dogs or cats or even birds, get quite restless during long transit.

Being in a cramped vehicle is not good for pets. We have handled interstate pet transport and know for a fact that animals experience the highest level of stress during a journey. Also, the longer the journey, the more agitated pets get.

If you wish to reduce the stress of the actual move on your pet family members, do take them to the vet first to learn about solutions you can use.

Tranquilising, is one option. This will allow your pets to sleep through the entire journey. However, tranquilising pets tends to have a long-lasting effect. Your canines or felines can be dopey for several days to a week.

There are other options, of course. You just need to decide which would be the best option for your pets.

Knowing about the real deal can help you prepare better for the move.

If you need more advice or tips on how to manage a move more easily, check back here with us.

Adams & Rofe regularly publishes content to help people with relocation concerns.

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