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After the Move: Interstate Removalists Share 6 Helpful Steps to Make Settling Down Smoother

After the Move: Interstate Removalists Share 6 Helpful Steps to Make Settling Down Smoother

Moving to a different part of Australia can be exciting because you will be living in a completely different place and gaining new experiences. However, it can also make you feel awkward and disoriented for the exact same reasons.

The post-move period begins the moment you enter your new home. And because getting settled takes a while and involves accomplishing several tasks, this period in your life can be challenging as well as tedious.

You will surely feel relief because the move is finally over, but because of all that must be done before you can start establishing a regular routine in your new location, you cannot completely relax and feel at ease. You have to organise your time and take advantage of every opportunity to set up your new life and fall into a daily rhythm that feels right for the whole family.

To speed up the process of settling down, the interstate removalists here at Adams & Rofe share the six helpful steps you must take.

Step 1: Inspect your new home

Take a tour around your new house before unpacking all the essentials. This is the best way to get to know your new home better as well as identify issues that require immediate action. For instance, inspect for leaks, look for signs of pre-existing damage, and check for infestation. Also, don’t forget to look around the outside perimeter.

While inspecting your new home, take note if it needs added safety gates and other security features to deter unauthorised access.

Step 2: Check if the utilities are all working

Ideally, you should have arranged for your utilities to be connected before your move. This way, you just have to switch on the lights and turn on the water source upon arrival.

But if they have yet to be connected when you get there, make it a priority to contact the local water and power providersbecause these are the most crucial services you will need. You can think about setting up other utilities like the phone, pay TV, internet, and rubbish collection later on.

Step 3: Give your new home a good cleaning

Even if your new home was thoroughly cleaned by its previous owner, it would give you better peace of mind to perform some basic cleaning by sweeping the floor and wiping down surfaces. This ensures that your home is really fresh and free from dust and dirt, which is especially important if you have kids.

Step 4: Inspect your belongings

After making sure that every corner is clean, it is time to inspect all your delivered possessions. Consider checking if everything has been delivered by looking at the detailed household inventory you have compiled, or you received from the removalist.

Carefully perform a visual inspection of each item. If you see any signs of mistreatment or damage, or perhaps something is missing, contact your hired removalists ASAP and inform them about the problem. If you choose to hire us at Adams & Rofe, expect that such a dispute, if any, will be resolved in a quick, efficient and satisfactory manner.

Step 5: Unpack the most important items first

To make unpacking a lot easier, make sure that your boxes have been brought to the right rooms, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Just like packing your items, unpacking should also be done in an organised manner.

Even if you want to complete the unpacking job in one go, this will be unmanageable, unless you invest in our professional unpacking services. So you must know which boxes should be unpacked first.

  • First, you have to unpack your boxes of essentials so you can comfortably and effectively function through your first days in your new home. Take out everything from these boxes and put them in their appropriate places.
  • Second, set up your kitchen. If you have enough time, unpack everything and position everything strategically. Put cooking utensils, pots, pans, and other tools and equipment in their new places. Also, position and plug in all major appliances that will help make your life easier and allow you to rustle up quick meals during your first few days.

But if you arrived too late in the day to finish putting everything needed in the kitchen, consider unpacking only the things you will initially need. You can organise your kitchen completely once all the boxes have been unpacked.

  • Third, set up your bedroom. Assemble the beds and unpack all the linens for every bedroom. Getting your beds ready for a good rest immediately can be made easy if you placed the set of linens for each bed in separate bags. So don’t forget to do this when packing.
  • Fourth, arrange your bathroom. Again, you must unpack the important things first, like your towels, toiletries, and shower curtain. Nothing is more relaxing than having a refreshing shower after a stressful day.
  • Lastly, put together the furniture. To make arranging your furniture easier and faster, you should have obtained a floor plan of your new home weeks or days before your moving date. Making a plan is crucial before unpacking and arranging your furniture so you’ll only have to do it once.

Of course, set up the essential furniture first, such as those in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room. The garage and the patio items should be unpacked and arranged last and at your leisure.

Enjoy your new space after arranging all your essentials. You can finish the unpacking task during the weekends or by setting aside several hours each day.

Step 6: Check out the neighbourhood

Get the lay of the land by knowing where the school, supermarket, hospital, pharmacy, recreational centres, parks, malls, and libraries are located. You can use helpful apps to easily find these establishments and become familiar with the routes you will be taking.

Get the feel of your neighbourhood by walking around. As much as possible, ask people you meet on the road for directions instead of just relying on your phone. These are valuable conversations that will help you settle in faster.

And that’s it! Follow this six-step guide so you can settle into your new home with less hassle. Check out other helpful interstate moving tips in our blog.

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