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How to Choose the Right Removalist for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Removalist for Your Needs

If you have found a new career in another city, bought a new property out of town, or met the love your life who happens to be living in another state and you are planning to get married, you probably will need the services of interstate removalists.  

Having your personal possessions like appliances and furniture transported to your new residence can often help you save money, compared to leaving those behind and buying brand-new ones in the new location. It is also highly likely that many of your belongings have sentimental value or are family heirlooms, making them irreplaceable. 

Because you will have several companies to choose from, you should certainly narrow down your choice to the best one for you. But hiring the perfect removalist company is not as simple as you may think. 

Here are some tips that you can follow so you can find the right removalist for your unique needs.

1. Search for a company with a nearby office or location

Often, it is impractical and inconvenient to hire a removalist company that is located in a different state or somewhere quite a distance from your current location. You are likely to be charged extra fees because of the fuel needed by the vehicles to travel a long distance to your location.

Search for a company with an office in your locality or one that has a branch office nearby. Some companies may be based in your location but they may also have storage facilities and transportation networks spread across Australia.

Just be sure to check they offer and are experienced in interstate removal services.

2. Do research on the company’s reputation 

The performance of any removalist company, whether for local removals, national removals or international removals, can be judged based on the feedback of their previous clients. You can do some basic background research by reading the customer reviews from non-biased websites.

You may also join social media forums or groups that are dedicated to customer reviews. On the other hand, you may ask recommendations from relatives, friend and acquaintances who have experienced hiring removalists before.

Here’s a helpful tip: Reviews that are found on personal blogs should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that some of these could be paid blogs intended to promote a sponsoring company.

3. Compare price quotations from various companies

The fees vary from one company to the next and these are primarily determined by three main factors: the bulk of the items to be transported, the distance, and the insurance coverage. You may either ask for price quotations online or by phone.

However, it is best to have an agent to visit you for a free survey to accurately determine the fees that you need to pay based on various factors. Some items may also need special protective packaging and handling before being transported.

4. Determine the specifics of the insurance coverage

Reputable removalists (AFRA Certified) offer insurance as part of their fees, but you must be sure about the details. It is possible that some exclusions apply. For instance, the company agent might not emphasise that boxes that you packed on your own could be excluded.

You should also make sure that your items are covered by the insurance while on transit. It is better to pay for higher insurance fees that have complete coverage for your belongings from pickup to delivery.

5. Ask some questions to know more details

You can ask several questions to ensure that you will have the best service and affordable fees. Here are some good questions that you can ask to gather valuable information:

  • Do you charge per hour or for the whole job?
  •  Is it possible that the rates will change after a certain period?
  • If I sign the contract today, would that still be valid if I decide to delay the removal for several weeks or months?
  • Do you accept debit cards, cheques or credit cards as modes of payment?
  • How much upfront fees do I need to pay?
  • Do you offer an obligation-free onsite survey for the price quotation?
  • Do you charge extra fees for packaging?
  • What types of trucks are you going to use?
  • What is the maximum insurance coverage?
  • What are the exclusions of the insurance coverage?

6. Have some contingency plans in place in case of an accident

The insurance will cover possible financial losses, but it will not replace your damaged or lost stuff per se. In the event of a road accident, however, it is still possible to salvage some of the packages. Ask the company for contingency plans to save the items that are not damaged during transit.

You may also help the company to prepare by providing a map with alternative routes. You may ask for backup vehicles to be on standby along the routes. Ask the company if this option is available and how much the additional fee would be.

Adams and Rofe are among the most trusted companies in Western Sydney, offering excellent and affordable removalist services. You may browse our website or get in touch with us for free price quotations.

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